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Avoid These 3 Ingredients for Healthier Skin for the Rest of Winter

Natalie Off Duty Caring for your skin during the winterВ is a particularly challenging task. The weather's working against you, and it's easy to skimp on your nighttime beauty routine when you're ready to hop into your cozy bed to beat the cold. Furthermore, some of the ingredients found in our skincare products are actually exacerbating the winter damage.
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This New $10 Mascara Is One of the Best I've Ever Tried-and I've Tried a Lot

L'OrГ©al Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara $10 Shop As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know-tough life). Reviewed is a series where we report on some of the best products we've tried. Whether it's a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you'll find all our favorites in this column.
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5 Products That Help Me Sleep Like a Baby, as Told by an Ex-Insomniac

I was a textbook insomniac when I was younger. I'll never forget tossing and turning for hours on end, staring at my haphazardly painted lavender wall, thoughts racing, praying for the blissful comfort of a deep sleep. My parents tried everything-warm milk (only somewhat effective), singing me to sleep (which stopped being an option once I became a teenager and it was a bit weird for my mom to sing traditional Chinese songs to me in bed each night), and finally, out of frustration, yelling at me to go back in my room and just “close my eyes” (heads up: not effective).
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