Real Men Reveal What They Really Think of Your Favourite Hairstyle

Whatever your feels are around asking men for their opinions on beauty trends, you've got to admit hearing them sound off on bun cuffsВ and sparkly lips a la Atelier VersaceВ can beВ entertaining. And while I don't invite my husband to weigh in on my own personal makeup looks and hairstyles, (a potentially dangerous conversation that could conceivably end in couples counselling), it is fun to get his take on new runway beauty trends.В Reactions range from agreeableВ to gobsmacked (glitter tears, anyone?), and I always come away from theseВ chats with a better understanding of how the average Joe feels about things like winged liner, faux frecklesВ and topknots. The thing is though, that just like women, men hold varied opinions. For that reason (and others), the experiment that follows wasn't conducted in any real pursuit for truth. On a lark, I reached out to four very different dudes for their thoughts on our best-lovedВ autumn beauty trends. Most are pretty wearable (or at least, I thought they were), but I alsoВ threw in a few kooky curveballsВ for extra LOLs. The verdict? It's official: Guys really hate some of our favourite beauty looks.

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"I'm too old for this to make any sense. This seems like makeup so dramatic that it becomes invisible."

"Not my favourite colour. Looks like she's healing two black eyes."

"Not sure about this colour on the eyes. A little too dark for me."

"Just, nah."


Courtesy of Aveda

"I'm finding it difficult to form a concrete opinion about a ponytail."

"A very safe option that looks good whether you dress it up or down."

"Love a low pony. It's simple, elegant, and always looks good."

"Kind of gives off a sexy librarian vibe. I can picture her removing the hair tie and doing a Laney Boggs-style makeover."



"This is what I imagine. She's been over, we've had a great time, a few drinks. The next day I empty the dishwasher. The lipstick marks haven't come off, so I have to hand wash her wine glass and this is the worst possible outcome. No thanks."

"Not really feeling burgundy lippie. If you're going to go dark, go really dark."

"She looks seductive and exotic. Definitely someone I'd approach in a bar."

"Pretty striking. The dark tone looks good at night, but I tend to prefer brunettes in this look."



"I don't understand this. Is she wearing anything? If it's supposed to be a natural look, she has succeeded."

"Sorry, what am I looking at here?"

"Please tell me my fiance hasn't spent money on this."

"What are glossy highlights? I have never noticed this kind of thing before."



"She's woken up. She's auto-magically sexy. She's chucked her hair in a bun because she looks good no matter what and she's secure and fun to be around and I just want to spend time with this hairstyle and have it tell me its secrets. I love it."

"Yeah, I love it. Bed hair for the win. It looks cool."

"Is this a 'style' or just being plain old lazy?"

"I don't mind this look to go get coffee on a Saturday morning or chill around the house in, but it doesn't do much for me, say if we were going on a date."



"Um, yes please. Hello, Cara Delevingne."

"I had my eyebrows done on a lark recently and I have to say it was quite the experience. No one noticed the difference and it was painful. My eyes have been opened. I feel like it's time for women to be hairy again."

"I think they're hot. The nicely frame her face and definitely draw my attention to her eyes."

"There is a very small percentage of people who can pull off entirely ungroomed brows. Not for everyone."



"I think they'd be too time-consuming. When would you have time for makeup tears in-between fake tanning, doing hair treatments, painting nails, blow drying hair, drawing on eyebrows… "

"A tear tattoo usually signifies the owner has spent time in prison. I can only assume something similar is going on here, only in this case the crimes committed were against fashion."

"This is the first I've seen of this, but I kind of like it. It would take a certain person to rock this look."

"What. The. Hell. Absolutely not. Emo is not cool and neither is this. Does she know what a tear drop tattoo means?"


"Not a fan. Too Alice in Wonderland for me. A plain hair tie is much cooler."

"I didn't even know what a hair bow was until I looked at these images."

"Hold on, this is just… a bit vague isn't it? Like saying underpants are SO back this year. Can I have a bit more detail please? What colour are the underpants, how tight are they? Are they jocks or briefs? Sorry, hair bows. Yes. No comment."

"Very cute. This is a style I can get behind."

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