Nobody Will Be Wearing These Hair Trends in 2019, According to Hairstylists

It's fascinating the way hair reinvents itself each decade. Just when we thought perms would never resurface, Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough made us consider getting modern, semi-permanent waves. And leave it to Alexander Wang to make claw clips a street style accessory again in 2018. Who knows? Perhaps even our worst middle school 'dos will one day grace the cover of Vogue. Hair is anything if not fleeting, and we deeply anticipate how styles that seem so far removed are reincarnated.

Yet there are those that never again see the light of day. Perhaps they aren't safe for our strands or are simply unpractical, and to those, weВ call for a moratorium. Curious which of these trends celebrity hairstylists would rather leaveВ in the past than make their way into 2019, we asked them for their honest opinions.

On its way out: Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons says that in 2019, he hopes people will be kinder to their strands. "I'd love to see more people embracing their natural textures versus putting their hair through hell trying to achieve a texture that isn't natural," he tells us. "We've seen every iteration from perms to toxic straightening treatments to over-bleaching… Let's take a break and let our follicles breathe."

What to try instead: "There are so many amazing styling products out on the market now. Play around with some new brands and products to help celebrate your natural texture," he says. Consider investing in curl cremes, wave sprays, and leave-in conditioners to enhance the beauty of your hair as-is.

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On its way out:В "Instagram is an incredible source of creative inspiration-I'm on it every day saving ideas-but sometimes it's a little overboard," says Fitzsimons. "Things like the glitter hair and glow-in-the-dark hair, which are trends clearly created exclusively for Instagram and not real life, are a bit much."

Celebrity stylist Marc Mena agrees. "I'm over the whole pastel, mermaid, and rainbowВ hairВ colorВ trend. It was fun for a little while,В butВ it's costumey and completely damages yourВ hair. I'm all for self-expression,В butВ youВ can addВ colorВ to your look by playing with fashion. Damage your wallet, not yourВ hair."

What to try instead:В In place of fantastical social media bait, Fitzsimons proposes more elevated, natural styles. "I prefer hair that's done for the real world (and sometimes the red carpet!)," he explains. If you're personally still itching to give glitter or pastel a go, try something more understated (and less damaging) like IGK's Hair Strobing Glitter SprayВ or tint your hair with Overtone's pastel conditioners.

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On its way out:В Scrunchies recently saw a resurgence (and we at team Byrdie have definitely hopped on board), but just as quickly as they were ushered back in, Fitzsimons says he'd rather see themВ take a leave of absence this coming year. "I feel like every few years, we see a bunch of scrunchie marketing pushes, but I think it's safe to leave these in the past."

Another trend that was big in the '90s that stylists can't get on board with is zigzag hairbands, which had a quick moment at Wang S/S 18. "Like mostВ trends,В hairВ accessoriesВ are known to have evolved over theВ years," says celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa.В "While some styles manage to resurface, oneВ hairВ accessory that can become a thing of the past is the zigzag headband."

What to try instead:В While Fitzsimons isn't pro-scrunchie for your daytime look in 2019, he doesn't want you to toss them just yet. "I fully endorse a silk scrunchie at bedtime. It keeps your hair out of your face while you sleep without aggressively pulling on your hair," he explains. For daytime, he says there are so many beautiful accessoriesВ availableВ now to try in lieu of the fluffy hair fastener. Justine Marjan's collection of rhinestone bobby pins with Kitsch, for example,В is a stunning way to dress up any style. Potempa recommends her metal hair cuffsВ to decorate a bun, pony, half pony, or braid.

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On its way out: "I love a natural-looking ombré color, but severe ombrés should be done with," says Mena. "The drastic dark roots that fade into brassy ends look unfinished and not purposeful."

What to try instead:В "Go for a subtlerВ colorВ shift that looks likeВ youВ were on the beach all summer with sun-kissed ends," he says. Seeing a professional colorist for natural-looking balayage will help you achieve dimension without harsh lines.

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