This Is the Only Yoga Class I Can Fully Switch Off In

Yoga is something I've always wanted to like. I've tried it time and time again, fully aware of the health and mind benefits of its meditative and bodyweight nature. I've always wanted to nail it, but I've failed at doing so multiple times. I don't know if it has something to do with the pace of the yoga I tried (I like fast, sweaty workouts) or because I just haven't found the right class for me. And as it turns out, the latter is true, because I recently visited Fly LDN and tried its staple Flow 45 class, and I'm hooked.

So what's different about Fly LDN? Well, it's an immersive yoga experience. I know immersive classes aren't exactly new, but they're currently very popular. Remember back when we tried One-10's Paceline class? This required a screen with a leaderboard, meaning you felt very much "immersed" in how you were performing. There are apps like Freeletics which are making it easy to access virtual workouts from your home. But what is it about immersive yoga that I found so addictive?


Fly LDN isn't your average yoga class. Its whole ethos is to take yoga back to the drawing board and cut out the jargon whilst still staying in line with tradition-most of the time. There's a huge screen at the front of the Flow 45 studio room surrounding you with scenic videos and images, which isn't exactly traditional with yoga classes. I'll admit, at first I was skeptical that a screen would help me switch off, but it did exactly that. The dimly lit room combined with incredible visuals of snow-covered mountains really enabled me to get out of my head (you know, emails, to-do lists) and focus on exactly what I was doing on the mat. Something I've strived to do (and failed) in so many yoga classes before.

The class is designed to guide you through a dynamic flow, using deep breathing to help you focus and lull your mind away from the hustle and bustle of life. For me, the screen definitely distracted my wandering mind before it landed on the stresses of the day. Whenever I felt my mind slipping away from my practice, I channeled my focus on the screen.

I left feeling rejuvenated, as relaxed as I had felt the day previous (which was a Sunday, so let's just say I was pretty relaxed) and ready to take on what life had to throw at me. I was thankful that I had made time to work out. I think it's safe to say immersive yoga is the yoga for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone else who struggles with switching off.

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