The 2 Polish Shades Ariana Grande Pretty Much Always Has on Her Nails


When we think of Ariana Grande's beauty aesthetic, we immediately think of her trademark ponytail, then comes her signature cat eye, and then her perpetually nude lips or flawlessly arched eyebrows. And although we wouldn't go as far as calling the singer predictable (she has gone platinum and pink, after all), it's safe to say she sticks to certain patterns when it comes to her look-hair, makeup, and otherwise. But it's her nail MO which leaves us feeling a little mystified.

Sure, when we close our eyes and squinch them together in careful consternation, we can blurrily imagine a long oval, shape (sounds about right) and, hmm, maybe a super-opaque lacquer or epic case of nail art. But is that actually right? According to Grande's manicurist of two to three years, Natalie Minerva, we're close. However, according to an exclusive interview with Refinery29, there are actually two nail polish shades, in particular, Grande seems to be especially infatuated with as of late: white or lavender.

"When I go and see her, we always use gel extensions, to keep her nails as healthy as possible," Minerva explained to Refinery29. "We kind of plan out the color and design, we see the outfits and go from there. We both decide together. Normally, it's probably white. It's nice because it's so clean and simple." (It's true. When we stalked Grande's Instagram account, theВ few shots showcasing her nails often featured a crisp coat of the hue.)

And while white might be her long-standing fallback, a pearlescent shade of lavender is what the singer currently craves as far as polish inspiration. In fact, the color was one of two nail looks featured in her creamy, dreamy music video for "God Is a Woman." In the video, Grande wears a specific shade of light purple, which Minerva describes as having "an opalescent sheen with a shell-like, pearly finish."

"She loves lavender," Minerva gushed. "She's a big lavender fan. We do lavender for her everyday manicures often and, for the video, she kind of knew what she was wearing and the overall vibe, and lavender was just the direction we ended up going in."

So which shades have what it takes to get the Grande seal of approval? Of course, we can only surmise, but we'd bet the nine below hit right on the mark. With the singer as our ultimate summer nail muse, keep scrolling for our favorite shades of lavender and white nail polish.

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