15 Target Beauty Launches to Get Your Summer Routine Lit

Target is theВ be-all and end-all for just about everything. When it comes to deciding what we love most about its endless offerings, it's far from a toss-up: the beauty products, of course. Whether you're making a weekly trip for errands or you're a fan of perusing the website, it's impossible to not be entranced by all of the new-newВ it drops every single day. Scrolling through page after page and creating a gigantic Target wish list is something we all deserve to do. Especially when fresh new launches fill the shelves.В

It's June, which means summer is in full swing. How are you updating your summer beauty routine? It's time to go a little brighter and bolder with colors and double-up on that SPF. Ahead, find the June Target beauty launches we're most excited about that'll keep your summer beauty routine on its A game.В

S.W. Basics Rose Water $13Shop

People have depended on rose water's skin-purifying powers for years. This concentrated formulation of steam-distilled organic rose water will soothe and cleanse your skin in a quick spritz.

Maybelline The24KT Nudes Eye Shadow Palette $8Shop

A whopping 12 shades for $8? This eye shadow palette steal is one that you'll put to good use because it's full of wearable shades that you can play up depending on the day. These subtle, shimmery shades will enhance any skin tone.

Essie Blue-tiful Horizon $9Shop

Can you ever own enough nail polish? Not in our book. Especially if it's this pretty, iridescent blue that feels so much like summer.

OGX Locking + Coconut Curls Decadent Creamy Mousse $7Shop

How cool does a curl mousse sound? But not the mousse you're thinking-the gross kind that makes your hair all hard and crunchy. This innovative product is infused with coconut oil, shea butter, and jasmine nectar so it's hydrating and will smooth down any unwanted frizz during extra-humid days.

Lumene Valo Overnight Cream $15Shop

Sometimes your skin just needs that extra moisturizing step. Lather this rich cream all over before you go to bed, and expect a good glow in the morning thanks to hyaluronic for plumping, vitamin C for brightening, and spring water for ultra hydration.

Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights SunRay $15Shop

Summer calls for sparkle. Light up your eyes with this glitter shadow stick that'll deliver a punchy color in just one swipe.

C'Est Moi Aspiring Cheek Palette $16Shop

Made of simple and clean ingredients, this cheek palette will warm up your skin with gorgeous, golden hues.

Bliss Oh, That's Rich Ultra Intensive, Silky-Sheen Body Cream $18Shop

Who doesn't want glistening skin this summer?В Slather on this rich body cream that'll quickly absorb onto the skin so you won't have to worry about it feeling too thick or heavy.В

Revlon Kiss Cushion Lip Tint 290 Extra Violet $8Shop

First off, this applicator feels like a pillow. Secondly, the formula offers a wash of color, which is such a nice option when it's too hot to even attempt a matte or glossy lip.

Covergirl Lash Blast Flourish Mascara $7Shop

Sure, you want your lashes to look nice and full, but you also don't want them to fall off. It's important to treat your lashes to healthy ingredients that'll care for them and make them look luscious-a win-win! This formula is made of coconut, avocado, and papaya oil. Plus, this skinny applicator makes it easy to swipe every single little guy that's hard to get to with bulkier applicators.

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Strong Roots Red Pimento Moisture Retention Deep Conditioner $13Shop

When it comes to strengthening your strands, the power of red pimento knows no bounds. It's known to increase circulation to your scalp and stimulate absorption. Deep-clean your hair with this pimento-packed conditioner full of natural ingredients.В

Nyx Lip Lingerie Glitter $8Shop

The wildly successful Lip Lingerie line just got even better with this extension of glitter. Spice up your nude with specks of glitter and a comfortable gloss that'll stay on for hours.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Lip Gloss $4Shop

These gems are selling out in certain shades already, so you know they're good. Not to mention the insanely amazing price. Cop a few of these colorful glosses to keep around whenever you need a lip re-up.

Bare Republic Coco-Mango Mineral Spray SPF 30 $15Shop

This new mineral formula will give you the SPF protection your skin needs without feeling sticky, greasy, or leaving a ghostly white cast on dark skin tones.В

Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30 $10Shop

When it comes to SPF, you often forget your lips need love, too. Swipe on this balm for moisture and sun protection.

Is anyone else planning their next trip to Target yet?