12 French Bloggers You Need to Follow on Instagram

It's no secret the French have a certain je ne sais quoi. So much so, in fact, that French beauty and French-girl style have pretty much been coined as their own adjectives. People all over the world want to emulate the chic, carefree style Gallic girls exude. Our Instagram feeds are packed with French bloggers and trГ©s-chic influencers oozing style, so we thought it might be handy to compile them in one place so you can give them a follow too. If you're after inspiration, this is the place to start. We've rounded up 12 French beauty bloggers who deserve a follow. Plus, we asked them which beauty products they can't live without because if it helps them, we're probably going to want it too.


Aude Sarkamari

Aude's Instagram is full of major fashion, beauty and travel inspo.


Lina Ose

Lina's rarely seen without a red lip. A true French girl after our hearts.


Betty Autier

From her dreamy makeup looks to envious street style shots, Betty is the ultimate cool girl.


Claire Most

Originally from Paris and now based in Amsterdam, Claire has the most enviable skin (and hair/face) on Instagram.


Caroline Lestang

A dentist turned full-time blogger, Caroline shares everything from her travel favorites to natural beauty reviews.


DaphnГ© Moreau

A lover of a red lip and a beret, DaphnГ© is the epitome of French-girl chic.


Lalaa Misaki

Lalaa uses her platform to share positivity, which serves as a refreshing reminder to be kinder to yourself on a daily basis.


Jeanne Damas

Is there a more chic French girl than Jeanne Damas? Probably not.


Kenza Sadoun el Glaoui

Kenza's a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who fully makes us want to relocate to Paris.В


Mathilde Lacombe

Mathilde, entrepreneur and founder of Aime, a skincare supplement brand, is a former French beauty editor who also founded Birchbox. If anyone knows French beauty, Mathile's your woman.


Sabina Socol

Founder of Ask a French Girl, Sabina is a French journalist who also happens to have a column with Who What Wear.


Lena Mahfouf

Lena is a French YouTuber who practiced her English from watching videos of Zoella. Follow her for fun fashion, beauty and travel tips.

Shop French Beauty Essentials

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Makeup Removing Miceller Solution $15Shop

"I use this micellar water every day, as it makes my skin look radiant and fresh. It's the number one thing I couldn't live without when it comes to my beauty routine." [email protected]

Agent Nateur Holi(Rose) No.4 DГ©odorant $27Shop

"I switched to natural deodorant six years ago when I first got pregnant and learned all about the nasties that are often found in aluminum deodorants. I've tried dozens, and this one is the best. It smells good and lasts through a barre class!" [email protected]

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer $44Shop

"I'm all about the glow, and this is hands down one of the best luminizers, in my opinion. I like that it's a cream and really melts onto the skin and makes the glow so natural-looking. I dab it on my cheekbones and in the inner corners of my eyes. I also love the fact that it's a 'clean' product." [email protected]

La Roche Posay Effaclar Soothing Moisturizer $18Shop

"In the morning, I use La Roche Rosay moisturizer because my skin gets super sensitive and dry in winter." [email protected]_most

Laboratoires Boiron Homeoplasmine $16Shop

"The best thing for lips is Homeoplasmine. I literally can't live without it. It's a life changer!" [email protected]_most

Aime French Glow $36Shop

"I take French Glow Daily-that's how I got my rosacea to clear up." [email protected]

Klorane Flax Fibres Shampoo $20Shop

"I love to go to the pharmacy for shampoo, like Klorane." [email protected]

Rouje Г LГЁvres in Camille $28Shop

"I don't like when lipstick is perfect. I like when it's blurry, so I use my fingers. I like to use a lot, and when I'm done, I take a cotton bud and tidy around the edges." [email protected]

David Mallett Hair Serum $80Shop

"I don't blow-dry my hair, so when it is naturally dry, I put serum from David Mallet. I scrunch that into my mid-lengths and ends so that I have a little movement." [email protected]

Tom Ford Black Orchid $128Shop

"This is one of my all-time favorite fragrances. I often prefer masculine perfumes with character." [email protected]

Nyx Suede Matte Lipstick in Spicy $8Shop

"I love to wear red lipsticks on bad days, as they illuminate my face. Nyx's are my favorite." [email protected]