The Gold-Infused Mask Nearly Every Celebrity Is Instagramming

Face-mask selfies have become somewhat of a phenomenon. Not only do they provide good social media fodder, but they're also a filter in physical form. You can quite literally hide behind the sheet (or theВ gel or the foam), as if to say, "Look at me! I'm fun,В and I take good care of my skin." With so many different variations (bubble! rubber! hydrogel!), the masking limit does not exist, and it's unlikely the craze will die anytime soon.В

Celebrities are our main source for mask selfies (maskies?), so we're always intrigued when a particularly cool-lookingВ product makes its debut on the face of one of Hollywood's elite. What's even more enticing is whenВ several celebs wear theВ same mask, leading us to believe it's worthy of making its way over to our own mugs.В And recently, we learned of a rather extra mask that stars like Jessica Simpson, Nina Dobrev, andВ Jessica Alba (among many others)В are flocking toward: Knesko gold-infused masks.


Developed by a team of doctors and a reiki master (really), all of Knesko's masks are made with a serum-infused collagen gelВ fortified with precious gemstones and minerals to "activate the chakras" and help rejuvenate skin at a cellular level.В


Tiny particles of colloidal gold areВ said to strengthen weak or damaged skin cells, as well as provide antioxidants to protect against the elements.В They also work to firm, lift, hydrate, and reduce redness and puffiness-just about everything you'd want out of a mask.


The brand says that gold is recognized as a symbol of purity and spirituality and "helps allow beauty and happiness to flow into your life."В It particularly awakens your third eye to ease tension, fear, anxiety, and rebalance your energy (now we better understand the brand's need for a reiki master).

Now, check out the face masks Byrdie editors turn to for glowing skin.

Opening image:В @mssarahcatharinepaulson

Knesko Nanogold Repair Natural Collagen Eye Mask $150Shop

Hydrate, lift, and tighten the under-eye area with these especially chic gel patches.

Knesko Nanogold Repair Collagen Face Mask $150Shop

A two-piece mask makes for a better fit because every face is different.

Knesko Neck and DГ©colletГ© Mask Combo $45Shop

This mask spans your entire neck and top of your chest to care for the area we so often neglect.

Knesko Nanogold Repair $18Shop

Who wouldn't want real gold on their lips? This lip mask hydrates the thin skin we have on our lips to keep them looking plump and smooth.