I Tried At-Home Micro-Needling, and It Completely Changed My Skin

I've never been the most experienced tool-wielder or early adopter of devices when it comes to beauty. I'm a hair girl and a product junkie through and through (skin, eyes, and lips, amen), but the category of at-home devices mostly just scares me. I'm lazy and like things to be simple, so doing something beyond applying product-something, say, that requires batteries orВ comes with complicated instructions-strikes me as complicated and aggressive.

Essentially, I would be the last candidate to get on board with at-home micro-needling. But that changed when a straightforward kit landed on my desk with enticing promises of the skin changes I desperately seek, and I was compelled to try it. It seemed easy, fun, and intriguing: just roll it over your skin like a paint roller and boom-collagen-plumped skin. I did not expect the results to be the most visible, tangible improvement my skin has seen in over three years after oneВ use. Keep scrolling for my story.В

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As you can see from the photo above, the toolВ looks and feels a like hand-held razor, except instead of a razor blade, itВ has a wheel with tiny needles all over it, that you roll over your skin (resulting in no pain whatsoever).В The 0.2 mm needles are visible to the eye, but just barely so.В When done at doctor's offices with medical-grade devices, the needles can be between 0.25 and 1 mm or longer, and can result in post-treatment puffiness and bleeding. At home,В experts agree that to be safeВ and minimize the risk of infection,В you should not be using devices with needle size 0.25 mm or higher, or non-quality needles,В as they can cause scarring and skin damageВ (this is one of those PSAs not to buy a random 1 mm micro-needler off a non-reputable seller onВ Amazon).В

I did exactly what the package instructions simply said to do: I gently rolled the micro-roller vertically, horizontally, and diagonally В over each side of the face, chin, lips, forehead, and neck whileВ using mild, even pressure. You don't force or push it into skin;В you just gently roll. The sensation was strange but never unpleasant, and the strongest thing I felt was a mild "pinching" on my neck. It honestly barely feels like anythingВ because the needles are truly "micro." Next, I applied another layer of the EFG serum,В went to bed, and the next morning, my mind was basically blown.В

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